• About us.

    Familyze is the brainchild of two Australian entrepreneurs who met in their local pub in West London.

    They bonded over beer and the shared experience of living so far away from their aging, yet healthy and fiercely independent parents.


    Stewart McCure

    Stewart is a founder of Dramatic Change Ltd. and has consulted to the global pharma industry on acute and chronic conditions for over 25 years. He is from Sydney.

    Owen Batt

    Owen is a successful technology entrepreneur with more than 16 years experience in building an array of software products across multiple industries and markets.
    He is from Melbourne.

    Medical Advisory Board

    Dr Bryan Betty

    General Practitioner (New Zealand)

    Dr Dhanu Sivapathasuntharam

    Consultant Geriatrician, Oxford University Hospital (UK)

    Emma Adams, RN

    Bupa Healthcare (UK)

    Dr Elizabeth Hovey

    Senior Staff Physician Specialist, Prince of Wales Hospital (Aust)

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