"How's mum doing?"

Through intelligent, private cloud-based communities,
Familyze is changing the way families talk about aging.

  • Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing?

    Familyze is a subtle and organized way to track the health and wellbeing of an aging loved one, so the best health and life outcomes can be achived.

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    With Familyze, you create a private network of the family and friends of an aging yet healthy loved one.

    Every few days, everyone in the network is asked questions on various important topics. This takes less than a minute and answers are instantly viewable in a personal report that can be shared with your doctor.

    By collecting and analyizing multiple viewpoints of the network, Familyze keeps track of all those seemingly unimportant changes that might be signs of a bigger, possibly concerning, pattern.

    This information is made available to a healthcare professional so that the right decisions can be made earlier.

    Who's it for?
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  • Familyze is designed to help those older people, living at home, who are still quite healthy and very independent.

    • The Principal

      The person at the centre of the network can also be an active participant, recording their own observations.

      How to get started
    • Observers

      Family and close friends are invited to join a Familyze network so that they can provide occasional observations about range of potentially important topics.

Getting started with Familyze

Creating a Familyze network takes two minutes.

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    Step 1.
    Just hit the Try Familyze for free button and get started.

    This works on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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    Step 2.
    Follow the bot's instructions to set up your Familyze network and invite other observers.

    It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to get started and invite others to join, and you can allocate different levels of access to different members of the network.

    If you need us, we’re there to guide you every step of the way.

  • Familyze chatbot

    Step 3.
    Record your observations by chatting on the same message thread, or when we prompt you.

    The bot will ask you no more than 5-6 simple questions on a given topic, and we keep things short and to the point so that you can quickly log your observations. You have complete control over how often we chat.

Try Familyze for free Topics What to expect


Familyze is designed to keep continually updated on twenty topics,
chosen in close consultation with our medical advisory board.

    • Medical
    • Appetite
    • Breathing
    • Cough
    • Falls
    • Fatigue
    • Pain
    • Sleep
    • Weight loss
    • Psychological
    • Memory
    • Mood
    • Worrying behaviour
    • Daily Living
    • Cleaning
    • Dressing
    • Exercise
    • Medication
    • Personal hygiene
    • Toilet
    • Environmental
    • Alcohol
    • Doctor visits
    • Regular outings

  • We are always evolving and improving Familyze, but if you think that there is a topic missing from this list, please let us know. The easiest way to do that is to leave us feedback by typing ‘feedback’ to the Familyze bot.

Try Familyze for free What to expect

What can I expect?

  • How it works

    Familyze uses simple text chat through Facebook Messenger to ask you specific questions that might be medically important when discussing an older person’s health.

    These questions are quick and easy to answer and most of the time we expect that you’ll tell us you haven’t noticed anything at all (this is good news!).

    You will be joining our free beta version of Familyze, and we may contact for feedback purposes from time-to-time. In return, you will never be charged for this Familyze network.

    Please note that all members of a Familyze network must have an active email address and, for now, be a Facebook user.

    Set up

    1. If you’re the one setting up the Familyze network, simply click here to create one

    2. If someone else has set up the network and you’re the Principal (the person at the centre), or another Observer, we’ll send you an email with a link to click. This will send you to your Facebook Messenger page.

    If you have a Facebook account you can start chatting immediately. The bot will say hi and ask you 2-3 registration questions and your set up is complete.

    Right now if you don’t have a Facebook account you’ll have to create one to use Familyze.

    We’ll be expanding to other messaging platforms, like Kik and Skype, very soon.

    3. That’s it. From time-to-time the bot will contact you via Facebook Messenger at a frequency nominated by you. It’ll only take a minute or so to complete an observation, but if now isn’t a good time it’ll ask you when it can next contacted you.

    That said, you don’t have to wait to be contacted to record an observation; just open the Familyze message thread in Messenger and say ‘hi’ any time you wish to.

Try Familyze for free Observations & Reports

What can I expect?

  • Recording observations

    The bot will ask you a few questions (usually no more than 5-6) about a specific topic. It never takes more than 60 seconds to complete a topic.

    There are twenty topics that are important when considering an older person’s health. The bot will ask you about each of them and, over time, keep checking in to make sure the information is up to date. There’s never any sort of deadline for this process: you just record what you see when asked.

    And if you ever notice some sort of change and want to log it, don’t wait to be contacted; just open up the Familyze thread in Messenger and type ‘hi’.

    Dashboard and report

    None of this information is useful if it isn’t accessible. You can quickly and easily see how the Principal is getting on through two different displays, both available right from the Familyze Messenger thread.

    The Dashboard is a live, up-to-date snapshot of the latest observations. As well as tracking the Principal’s health, it keeps everyone in the network updated about activity – in general and for each recorded topic. It uses a traffic light system: green means everything’s okay but amber or red if there’s an issue that might need attention or further scrutiny.

    If you’re Kin then you can see all available information, as can the Principal. Other levels of access (Close and Constant) get to see less as they are usually not as close to the Principal.

    You access the report by typing ‘dashboard’ or by hitting the Dashboard option on the Facebook Messenger mini-menu.

    The Report is a more comprehensive document that is intended to be shared with a health care professional – either on screen or printed out. It also displays updated information in real time but is only available for viewing by Kin and the Principal.

    You access the report by typing ‘report' or by hitting the Report option on the Facebook Messenger mini-menu.

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